Wednesday, August 17, 2022

1990 surveyed and assessed


Yes that list looks middlebrow, now - but in 1990 this would have radically widened the influence-scope of these groups. And have I identified Shoegaze here, w/o naming it? Or were people already talking about the Scene That Celebrates Itself?.  

bonus bits

one solitary blurb for the Albums of the Year 

Not 100% certain this is my blurb although "erotic politician" and "radical MOR" sound like my turn o' I should have written AOR rather than MOR though, to more accurately peg the sound. Also I did the big cover story on the Hearthrobs that year. Cannot honestly resummon my excitement about this album now - but do remember the single "Dreamtime" fondly. 

Q + A with Tim Burgess of the Charlatans. Canny recycling of a feature I did for Spin, or rather, full use of the transcript thereof. Likeable fellow, relentlessly mediocre band though.