Sunday, October 24, 2021

Top 5 Glam + glitter faves

 (written on a train, in a hurry, into my phone - for some promotional purpose or other, I forgot - in other words, not a definitive list  - but on the other hand, as a ultra-condensed core canon, not a bad place to start either)

T. Rex - Get It On, 1971

The ultimate Bolan boogie, slinky and so sexy - the blues shuffle made ethereal and elfin.

Alice Cooper - Elected, 1972

Hilarious political satire as Cooper pretends to run for President but sounds genuinely grandiose and megalomaniacal - while the music is punk rock four years ahead of schedule.

Roxy Music - Beauty Queen, 1972

Shimmering ethereal ballad from the most arty and experimental of the glam groups, featuring Bryan Ferry's lyrical evocation of a female glamour ideal who makes his "starry eyes shiver".

The Sweet - Teenage Rampage, 1974

Hysterical fantasy of youth taking over the government and rewriting the laws, propelled by tough riff action that anticipates the Sex Pistols.

David Bowie - Fame , 1975

Blistering, scorching funk meets Bowie's frigid hollow-souled anguish at the paranoia and disorientation of stardom.

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Desert Island Discs

 (cannot remember who or under what circumstances someone quizzed me on this topic)

Desert Island Discs

List 1: Absolute faves

John's children midsummer night scene

Sex Pistols No Fun

Roxy music beauty queen

Slits, cut

Michael Jackson, rock with you

Smiths, there is a light that never goes out

My bloody valentine, slow

Orbital, chime

Omni trio, renegade snares (foul play VIP remix)

Aphex Twin, we are the music makers

Aaliyah, one in a million versus Groove Chronicles 'stone cold' ( second song samples the first)

Future, fuck up some Commas

LIST 2 - therapeutic comfort listening to make desert island bearable

Beethoven, pastoral symphony

Byrds, younger than yesterday

Love, forever changes

Miles Davis, in a silent way

Al Green, 20 greatest hits

John Martyn, solid air

Robert Wyatt, rock bottom

Joni Mitchell - hissing of summer lawns

Brian eno, another green world

King tubby's special (disc two)

Smiths Hatful of Hollow

Aphex twin, selected ambient works 1985- 92